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Premium Toronto Wedding Photography by Toronto Wedding Photographer Fungke Image - Kevin Fung is a Toronto based premium wedding photographer and visual story teller specializing in Beautiful, Organic, Fun wedding images with a photojournalistic approach. Toronto Wedding Photography by Fungke Images


Recent Work

A little blurb about the blog…

Truth be told, I am a terrible writer. Get me to clean the toilet, take out the trash, even do accounting. Consider it done, done and done!! But writing....ergh...I would spend hours on end trying to string together my thoughts and how I felt into words and I felt that took me away from time from my family and other aspects of my business. And although I am not one to really talk about myself, I have come to realize it is kind of important for the simple reason...Chemistry. 

Yes, looking for a photographer is about the imagery, but more importantly I think, it's about the chemistry you have with the one you chose to document your day. When you think about it, of all the wedding vendors you will be working with. The one you chose to document your day will be with you the most. To that end, don't you think it's important to pick someone whom you share values and goals with, not to mention get along with? 

I have found that I work best when the couple I am working with is as emotionally invested in me as I am in them. That way, I concentrate on creating an experience and images out of authentic intimate moments, while my couples enjoy their day. 

 So, this is my first step in re-introducing myself to you all.